Badeau Manor

Badeau Manor Vision for the Future

Since 1992, Hector and Sue Badeau, have been proud to be claim the West Mt Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia as our home raising our 22 children from diverse backgrounds and with varying strengths, talents, gifts and special needs. We have always worked to be contributing members of the community. In 2010, our neighbors recognized this by honoring Hector as one of WMAN’s “50 Good Neighbors”.  As our children have grown and become more independent, it is our desire to continue to live here in this house and in this neighborhood, among our neighbors and to continue to give back to the community.  As our children are now all adults, we are ready to embark on a new adventure and we are excited to share it with you here.

Our goal is to develop a respite program, using Mt. Airy as the base for a program that will provide education, public awareness and actual respite services for families caring for individuals (children and adults) with special needs.


Why respite?

Parents and caregivers of children and adults with special needs passionately dedicate themselves to ensuring that their beloved family members are able to develop the roots and wings described in our vision statement.  Yet in order to be effective and successful in this endeavor, these selfless individuals and couples also need opportunities to be cared for, to refuel and recharge.  Airplane safety instructions remind all of us to “put your own oxygen mask on first” when caring for others.  The Badeau Manor, by providing a quality, competent and inviting respite resource is one way of offering this much needed “oxygen” to the unsung heroes in our community. 

In addition, adults with special needs, particularly those facing cognitive and/or mental health challenges often find that the simple tasks of day-to-day life that many of us take for granted are fraught with hurdles, barriers, pitfalls and stressors that require enormous energy and effort just to get through the day.  Yet, recreational and vacation opportunities for these individuals are often inaccessible, unaffordable or unwelcoming.  Thus, the Badeau Manor will offer a unique and much needed resource for these remarkable individuals who live and work among us and who, by their spirit, endurance, insights and daily contributions to our communities enrich us all. 


Vision  & Dedication

Our vision is one of roots and wings –we see a world where every child, regardless of the circumstances or place of birth, race, religion, ability or disability or other personal qualities or characteristics has the opportunity to grow strong, deep roots within a family and community and where every person’s hopes, goals and dreams are given wings.  To contribute towards making that vision a reality The Badeau Manor will a comprehensive respite program.  We dedicate Badeau Manor as a lasting memorial in honor of our three sons, Adam Michael (1988-1999), Dylan Ryan (1986-2010) and Wayne Chan (1987-2012) who graced us with their gentle spirits, quiet strength, and unique personalities during their too-short lives on this earth. 


The following values will guide the operations of the Badeau Manor and will characterize the experience of each customer, guest, visitor and staff member:

1.    We honor the dignity of every individual and demonstrate this by engaging in fair trade practices, non-discrimination policies and fully including all individuals in the operation of this business and the life of the community.

2.    We embrace diversity and seek opportunities to enrich our own lives and that of the community around us by welcoming, nurturing and embracing persons of all socio-economic backgrounds, ability and disability levels, races, ethnicities, religions and sexual orientation and this value will be reflected in the décor, services, business practices and policies of the organization.

3.    We understand that families are the foundations of our communities and we endeavor to support families of all constellations by providing space and specially designed opportunities for families to be nurtured, strengthened, and to re-connect in the midst of a busy and often disconnected world.

4.    We respect neighborhoods as the cornerstones of safe, stable and vibrant communities and we pledge to conduct ourselves and our business as “good neighbors” by being respectful of and giving back to our neighbors and participating in the life of the community.

5.    We are committed to lifelong learning and, believing that knowledge is power, we will seek and support opportunities to use our business and expertise to provide meaningful educational and empowerment opportunities through books, blogs, workshops and other venues.

6.    We dedicate ourselves to being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us and of the entire creation and will demonstrate this by fair and environmentally-friendly business practices and by efficiently maintaining the home and property in safe and visually-appealing condition.

7.    We find our own roots in our faith as Christians and will honor this faith in the truest sense by respecting each individual’s right to practice their own faith, or none, as well as demonstrating a genuine welcoming of the “strangers in our midst” and particularly attending to the needs of “orphans and widows” and others who might be seen as “the least of these” within our communities.


Plans & Next Steps

Badeau Manor has incorporated as a Pennsylvania nonprofit organization, organized and operated for charitable purposes described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is awaiting approval of our 501(c)(3) status.  We formed to provide comprehensive programs of support for individuals with special needs, their families and caregivers and professionals and volunteers at care facilities and agencies who work with them. Our family believes that there is a significant gap in programs for this population in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Definitions:  For purposes of clarification, we use the term “special needs” to include individuals – children and adults – who are seriously ill, physically, cognitively, emotionally or behaviorally challenged, or severely injured.  The terms “family” and “caregiver” refer to biological, foster and adoptive parents and relatives as well as guardians and paid care providers for individuals with special needs.

Comprehensive Support Programming

It is our intention to provide comprehensive support programming to individuals with special needs, their families and caregivers and professionals and volunteers at care facilities and agencies who work with them. This programming falls into four broad categories of support:

1.     Education

2.     Respite

3.     Lodging

4.     Public Awareness


1.     Education

Educational programming geared for families and caregivers of individuals with special needs, as well as similar programming for professional and volunteer staff working with these individuals and their families.  Topics for families and caregivers may include stress-management, understanding the impact of trauma on children, coping with grief and loss, parenting children with special needs and developing advocacy skills.  Topics for professional and volunteer staff may include understanding the critical need for quality respite for families and caregivers of individuals with special needs, the impact of trauma on children, understanding and responding to secondary trauma experienced by caregivers and staff, understanding the laws governing the care and rights of individuals with special needs, strategies for effective family engagement and other related topics.  We will provide this educational programming through social media, one-on-one peer support, small group sessions and workshops at convenient locations such as churches or synagogues, fellowship halls, community centers, libraries, hospital family rooms and other locations.

2.     Respite

We will offer two types of respite programs – brief and extended – for families and caregivers of individuals with special needs.  Respite offers a much-needed break from day-to-day caregiving responsibilities. Brief respite opportunities may include gift certificates for an evening out for dinner or a movie, and vouchers for a few hours of qualified in-home care for the individual with special needs.  Extended respite opportunities may include accommodations at hotels, motels and other commercial lodging for families and caregivers to stay overnight for one (1) or more nights and vouchers for a corresponding period of time of qualified in-home care for the individual with special needs. Respite programs will be provided in partnership with area businesses, service providers and nonprofit organizations. 

3.     Lodging

As an extension of the respite programs, Badeau Manor will also provide lodging for families and caregivers of individuals receiving services at hospitals or other out-of-home care facilities in the Greater Philadelphia area.  The lodging will be temporary for those who travel to the Greater Philadelphia area.  Families and caregivers receiving services at hospitals or other out-of-home care facilities in the Greater Philadelphia area may be charged a nominal fee for lodging accommodations no more than 25% of the commercial costs of the lodging accommodations. Lodging will be provided partnership with area nonprofit organizations, hotels, motels, and other commercial lodging. 

4.     Public Awareness

Badeau manor will conduct events to raise public awareness regarding the strengths, challenges and opportunities for individuals with special needs and their caregivers and service providers.  Public awareness programming can represent a broad array of strategies to reach the public.  These can include media campaigns, presentations, and inclusive social and recreational community events. The goals of these activities are to reduce stigma, alleviate distress, build empathy and more fully include individuals with special needs and their families and caregivers in the communities in which they live.


A Phased-in Approach

Phase I

Phase I will focus on raising funds and building the four categories of programming. The emphasis will be on developing working relationships with facilities (such as hospitals, hospice centers, residential care facilities) and agencies that work with the special needs population, establishing partnerships with area businesses, service providers and other nonprofit organizations and creating a network of community-based organizations to provide outlets for public awareness. Phase I is expected to last between 18 – 36 months.

Phase II

Our long-term vision includes developing a community-based center where all of the supportive and educational activities described above can be held.  Such a center will provide an oasis of support and a “one-stop” approach to the provision of support and education, strengthening and sustaining the desired sense of community Applicant is seeking to build.  To develop such a center will require a capital fundraising campaign and thus, will take several years from the onset of the organization.  The center will be located convenient to transportation to and from facilities in the Greater Philadelphia area that serve individuals with special needs.

One possibility for Phase II is that we will be able to convert our own home at 30 Pelham Road to be used for this purpose.  Alternately, the Board of Directors will consider other possible locations.  The Pelham Rd property will need substantial before being ready for such a transition.  Although well-loved, the house has also been well-used by the Badeaus 22 children, 35 grandchildren and now 7 great-grandchildren over the past 22 years.  In addition, it served many more children and families as a home, daycare and inn in the preceding 80+ years.  Thus, it needs a lot of work to restore it to its original stature as an “impressive Tudor mansion which . . . embodies studied Edwardian grace,” as a newspaper article once described it.  More recently, another journalist called 30 Pelham Road, an “aging dowager” and although she has aged gracefully, she is definitely in need of work and repairs.  We have already begun, with a focus on roof repairs, and refinishing the magnificent hard wood floors and woodwork on the first floor. It is our hope to eventually raise sufficient capital to completely restore the historic features, while at the same time modernizing such areas as the kitchens and bathrooms, and add a working heating system, so that it will be ready to welcome families of children and adults who may be hospitalized or who otherwise need an opportunity for respite.  As noted earlier, we intend to accomplish all of this in a way that embodies Mr. Airy’s spirit of community, preserves its historic character and adds value to the neighborhood we all share and love. 

Why Mt Airy?

All of Mt Airy and the Pelham neighborhood in particular, have a long, widely known and well-deserved history for its deep-rooted sense of community, hospitality, and inclusion.  From its early days as a graceful residential neighborhood carrying hard-working folks away from the bustle of the city streets into a serene and restful refuge with sloping lawns, sheltering shade trees and broad streets, to its quiet yet principled stand against racial segregation, to today’s lively family-oriented community, this area has never wavered from that original and proud identity.

In the midst of that history, 30 Pelham Road, or Fairelawn Manor as it was dubbed in its early days, has embodied that identity in diverse and exciting ways.  Built by a father for his daughter (who, interestingly to us, was his adopted daughter), he clearly had a vision that she would open her home and serve as a gracious host for community gatherings.  Next came the Bernadine Sisters of St Francis, who opened the property to parents and small children with their Sacred Heart Preschool, followed by Jody and Raymond Maas who ran the Pelham Inn here beginning in 1986. As noted above, ince 1992, our family has lived here raising our 22 children all of whom have attended neighborhood schools and many of whom continue to live and raise their own families in Mt. Airy.   Mt. Airy is also conveniently located to serve many hospitals, schools, programs for individuals with special needs, in and out-patient treatment centers, hospice and related programs supporting families and caregivers.  With easy access to transportation and a great array of restaurants and other hospitality services, Mt. Airy is the idea community to serve as the base for bring our vision to reality.


Pelham Inn

The Badeau Manor home has been run as a bed and breakfast business by previous owners. Check out this article.